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If you believed the Arab Spring was just for springtime, then you certainly have not been seeing the news during 2011. It appears that the Arab Spring is currently perpetual, and so, I’ve dubbed Arab48 Perennial. It appears something the protesters really like to perform, while it’s the occupy protesters from the USA, Greek taxpayers challenging austerity applications, or even Arab inhabitants – would be to have on TV. The protesters from the Middle East play with Al Jazeera, people in Europe want to make their domestic TV channels, along with the BBC.

Obviously, here the United States we’ve got plenty of news outlets; CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC, and FoxNews to list a couple. The occupy protesters rely upon the media to keep this energy moving, assist with their recruiting, and keep in the news. By utilizing the media they’re able to project themselves as being bigger than they really are, even while the press gets great ratings for broadcasting the noise and fury of their masses. Okay, so, let us talk a bit about Syria, since in Syria it is becoming quite severe.

Syrians Protesting for Publicity – Is That What It’s All About?

There was a very telling article from the New York Times on the last day of this year in 2011 titled;”Thousands Rally from Syria to Prove Their Discontent into Arab Monitors,” by Kareem Fahim and Hwaida Saad. The article

“Tens, and perhaps hundreds, of thousands of people defied an ongoing government crackdown to meet with the roads of many Syrian cities Friday, intent on revealing visiting tracks by the Arab League that the degree of resistance to President Bashar al-Assad.” And”A protester at Dara’a, that reported enormous demonstrations, said:”We wish to demonstrate that the Arabs and the entire world that we’re peaceful protesters, not offenders, or armed gangs. The coming days and weeks will establish our announcements, not the program’s narrative.”

Author: Kristen Barrett