Computer Repair Technicians Taking the Easy Way Out – The Wipe and Reinstall Fix

This”syndrome” from the computer repair business ranks near the very top of my frustration listing of clinics by some pc repair technicians. I’m talking about the custom of a couple of unprofessional computer repair technicians, as well as some huge business franchises, even taking the simple way out to correct a pc by telling the client that they need to wipe out the hard disk and then reinstall everything.

Inside my mind, I’m still trying to determine how a person could call wiping and wiping a”repair” for almost any pc repair issue. Among my list of remedies, this really is my last resort. Generally it sort of leaves me feeling somewhat defeated. However, because I seldom need to ever do this, I believe only three or four times in the previous 18 decades, it’s not a significant issue for me personally.

So why do a lot of pc repair technicians find it really easy to resort to ruining the client’s information and wiping off their hard disk for a remedy to your pc repair issue? Listed below are a couple of of the reasons.

They truly don’t understand how to repair the issue. That is the number one motive. The majority of the time that is the strategy most frequently used by technicians who have very little experience in really troubleshooting and repairing computers,” You know they are. Its the man, frequently barely out of high school, which grew up playing computers and assembled his own gambling system so he believes he’s an expert at fixing computers, or the individual that house analyzed the certificate novels and proceeded to find a certification because he answered all of the question directly on a sheet of paper. Any way it goes, they simply don’t possess the expertise and that is their only alternative. What’s worse is that they are using their client that’s expecting their”specialist” end that this is the sole solution for their problem, frequently leaving the consumer with a sense of sorrow for not having backed up all their information, files and images and losing them due to the reinstall.

Author: Kristen Barrett