Kent Ridge Hill Residences Review

Save for a few exceptions, Singapore’s terrain is rather flat and also the tallest mountain we’ve got from the tiny red dot is kent ridge hill residences condo. The southern area of Singapore isn’t without its hilly landscape; the Southern Ridges provides a scenic gradient that stretches from Mount Faber Park into Labrador Nature Reserve. Kent Ridge Park is house to some massive biodiversity of fauna and flora and a part of the Southern Ridges.

Ridge park a part of the ridges
Kent Ridge Hill Residences is among those infrequent changes to have direct access to your nature reserve (Photo credit: Herman Wu)

Entry to Kent Ridge Park
Amid a slew of new releases in the previous quarter of 2018, Kent Ridge Hill Residences stood heads and shoulders above the rest with its distinctive position from the hillside cocooned amid lush foliage. The card that propels the most up-to-date advancement of Oxley is its own residents-only accessibility to Kent Ridge Park from inside the reasons of the development.

In modern day living where time is a commodity, residents may maximize their expertise. Save yourself time courtesy of a entryway; there is no need.

Author: Kristen Barrett