My review of Avenue South Residence

In case you’re following my blog, you’d realise that some programmers are favoured by me . UOL is one of my developers and offering is avenue south residences along Silat Avenue.

The selling points of this evolution

The main selling point is that it’s situated at the fringe of Singapore’s CBD. If you’re working in the CBD and would love to stay in close proximity to the CBDAvenue South Residence will be among your alternatives. It’s also located very near Singapore General Hospital and need could come in this region. The URA in its own Greater Southern Waterfront plans did say about extending the city, which should bring industrial activity and offices to the region.

Avenue South Residence is going to be 56 storeys high and this is among the tallest buildings in Singapore. Components on the levels will have amazing and unblocked views of the town or the waterfront. Since the Greater Southern Waterfront project takes shape, this region will get even more desirable.

For a time period, the cost increase in the areas has outperformed the area. While living near the CBD was a lure, the CBD had post office hours and on weekends. On the other hand, the URA is making plans to revitalise the CBD and in the time to come, the region is going to have a fantastic mixture of both residential and commercial activities. It’s my opinion that it was always easier to integrate residential buildings into some business district than it would be to integrate a business district into a mostly residential area. For property investors this is a fantastic thing. Demand would be present as business action is a part of the existing CBD. Requirement for lease ought to be there and when the URA were to revitalise the CBD, it might become a very attractive proposition for people working in the region.

Among the selling points of the development are the programmer profile. UOL is among the best programmers in Singapore. They’re experienced and their improvements are of large quality. There are instances of bad workmanship on what they’re supposed to by programmers who haven’t consistently delivered. As building and property costs rise, developers will need to maintain gains and profits may be placed by a few .

Author: Kristen Barrett