Positive vibes at Kent Ridge Hill Residences

For land seekers who consider the benefits of feng shui, Kent Ridge Hill Residences'”hillside funding sea facing” is usually considered to be positive and positive. Ideally, cities and homes should be bound by hills and around water for security and prosperity.

Additionally, purchasing a house in kent ridge hill residences is comparable to dwelling at Hong Kong’s wealthy Mid-Levels residential district without the sky high costs. Following the introduction of the Marina Bay and Marina South region into the glittering leisure and commercial landmark it’s today, possibly the upcoming definitive endeavor on Singapore’s roadmap is your Greater Southern Waterfront venture program. Works are in progress to transfer the vent from Keppel and Pasir Panjang to Tuas in phases. Precious waterfront property is going to likely be freed up, setting the stage to the building of a smooth southern belt in which recreational and commercial activity function as a cohesive whole.

Given that the Greater Southern Waterfront is very likely to result in some property renaissance in regions like Pasir Panjang, Kent Ridge Hill Residences could gain from a possible reduction in costs. Other elements which will likely contribute to funding appreciation comprise the Circle Line extension that is set to link Harbourfront Station into Marina Bay Station from 2025. Residents in Pasir Panjang will anticipate having a much more direct link to the CBD and Marina Bay fiscal district.

Space is a source an individual will find in abundance at Kent Ridge Hill Residences. Sitting on a sprawling website spanning 29,659 sq metres (or five soccer fields), the five-storey apartment blocks and strata landed houses are well-placed at a broad atmosphere. Property buyers that appreciate high-income dwelling will locate the vastness of Kent Ridge Hill Residences a much sought after respite.

Author: Kristen Barrett