The Importance Of 3D Mammograms For Women Above The Age Of 40 Years

Medical professionals recommend every woman above the age of 40 years to undergo mammograms for they are at a high risk of acquiring breast cancer. It has been recently stated that women who face average risk should proceed forward with yearly mammograms and avail the 3D or three-dimensional mammogram technology for it is the most preferred option. Use coupon codes from HotOzCoupons to get great offers and deals on your online purchase.

According to experts, the older version of mammogram used to take only two images of each breast with the help of X-ray technology. However, it is with the latest technique that many more images and clearer ones are produced. It will benefit women far more than the old age and outdated technology. For instance, if you compare your breast to be as thick as a book, then regular mammogram makes an effort to see through each page by squishing them all together and making it as thin as possible. But, in the case of a 3D mammogram, each page will be viewed individually to capture an anomaly. A 3D mammogram is also referred to as tomosynthesis. It has something to do with the way the images have been processed.

The standard mammogram test will capture two views that means compressing from side to side and top to bottom. In 3D mammogram, the same pictures are taken, but the images will be processed into thin slices. It will have a close resemblance to an MRI or CT scan.

The role of 3D mammogram –

Breast cancer is the common form of cancer that affects women. More than 40,000 women die of breast cancer every year in the United States. A 3D mammogram is the best option that is available currently to detect the presence of cancer in the breast. The number of deaths caused by breast cancer has significantly reduced due to mammograms. 3D mammograms offer the best chance for doctors when it comes to detecting breast cancer. If identified at an early stage when they are small, there is a higher chance to treat them. Women can also undergo far less extensive surgeries because of this. Women can have a higher chance of suffering from breast cancer who fall in the age group of 40 years or above. They should make it a habit of going through 3D mammogram a couple of times each year.

It will detect more accurately.

3D mammogram minimizes the chances of overlapping of the breast tissues. So, with the help of a 3D mammogram, it is easier to identify a tumour. After reviewing numerous images, doctors came up to the point that 3D mammograms are more precise, when it comes to detecting the tumours, compared to 2D mammograms.

Helps in early diagnosis

In the case of 2D mammography, overlapping of the breast tissues happen. Hence, it consumes a bit time of the experts to track the tumours. But, with the help of 3D mammogram, the doctors can monitor the tumours earlier, compared to the traditional mammograms. So, detection at the early stage can happen so that a patient, as well as the doctor, can take proper steps in time.

It detects the dense breast tissues more precisely.

Well, there are times, when dense breast tissues are found in young women. And due to the overlapping of those dense tissues, a shadow formation takes places, which makes it hard to detect the tumours for the 2D mammograms. But a 3D mammogram will take the pictures from numerous angles. And as a result of that, it provides a cutting-edge look of the tissues as well as the tissues around the breast.

It lowers down the level of anxiety.

There are times when 2D mammograms raise false alarms. And it makes people stressed. But, 3D mammograms are crafted in such a way that they have improved accuracy. It can now diagnose abnormal structures precisely. So, after the coming of the 3D mammograms the cases of call-backs to women, additional tests and biopsies have reduced at a considerable rate.

Safer, compared to 2D mammograms

When a woman is going through a 2D mammography, she is exposed to a bit high amount of radiation. But when she is going through a 3D mammography, she will experience a very few rates of radiation.

3D mammograms make it far easier to spot cancer that lies hidden amidst the dense breast tissue. The higher accuracy rate of this test makes it possible to identify even the slightest trace of cancer. It also helps to reduce the chance of facing a call back due to a false alarm, which is often caused due to layers of dense tissue.

So, schedule a 3D mammogram today.

Author: Kristen Barrett