The Cute Names for Your Boyfriend

Falling in love is happy until you cannot reflect it. All you could do is show him that you also love him. By having a nickname, it makes both of you closer. What are the great names for your boyfriend?

Darling, babe, and love are the common nickname for someone you love. Will you keep to say those nicknames even in anger? If you do not want to look like a teenage love- Duffy, you could try another alternative nickname. There are hot stuff if he went to an amsterdam escort service, sweetie pie if he likes to eat, or a big guy if you have a big boyfriend. As long as he is fine with the name, it will do not become a trouble in the future. Therefore, you need to be sure about it.

Ask him about his nickname. Some guys love to be called as Hero, Honey, Hun, and teddy bear. If he looks wild in your eyes, you may call him tiger. Skinship especially kisses would be on your mind. For the first kisser in your life, you may try to call him sugar lips. Sure, the more unique the nicknames, the more unusual the relationship you will have. Please avoid having a negative trait nickname.

Do not think he would not hurt. He just cannot say it to you. You also could find a nickname based on how he calls you. If he calls you Juliet, it means you need to call him Romeo. Well having a nickname seems like a lovely-dove couple. In formal situation, it is better to call his name. You can try to find a nickname in another language so that no one would understand.

You cannot use the same nickname that your ex used before. Make sure you will not remind your ex and remember that your boyfriend is someone different now. Try to not make a serious problem in the future.

Author: Kristen Barrett